Photography by Jennifer Allison
Capture your holiday memories
Capture your holiday memories
Mini Session
Mini Session

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Christmas is my favourite time of year and I always look forward to Holiday Minis! And there is SO much to get excited about this year - I have TEN gorgeous options for you to choose from and two package choices to suit your family’s holiday spirit.

Sessions will be held at Mint Room Studios and their sister location Preto Loft, both in downtown Toronto.
Mint Room Studios: 300 Campbell Avenue - MAP
Preto Loft: 213 Sterling Rd - MAP

Basic Package $200+hst
20 minute session, 10 high resolution images

Deluxe Package $400+hst
40 minute session, 20 high resolution images

All packages include a preview link of all images, private online gallery of your final photos and guaranteed delivery within one week of your selection.

A $50 booking fee is required to secure your time.
Remainder of payment is due upon selection of photos.

*Pets are welcome at Mint Room studios, however the studio does require a $50 pet fee that can be paid to them directly on the day of your shoot, when you register at the front desk.

MINIS: Chateau Noel

Chateau Noel

Location: Mint Room - White Loft Studio
Saturday November 25 | 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
300 Campbell Ave Unit# 300, Toronto, ON M6P 3V6 - MAP

Inspired by sophisticated elegance with a nostalgic twist, White Loft’s Chateau Noel decor setup will feature soft beige limewashed walls, seamlessly integrated contemporary black and white striped elements throughout the whole space, a fireplace mantel, meticulously custom-designed gifts and stockings, the plush embrace of a cream velvet sofa, and a dazzling evergreen Christmas tree bedecked with both modern and timeless ornaments, candles and fringe.

To evoke the holiday spirit, this year the fireplace nook, the arched niche and a bookshelf will all be transformed, making for three distinct yet harmonious zones that complement each other seamlessly.

MINIS: Natural Haven

Natural Haven

Location: Mint Room - Kitchen
Saturday November 11 | 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
300 Campbell Ave Unit# 300, Toronto, ON M6P 3V6 - MAP

“Natural Haven” will beautifully combine the welcoming feel of a cozy living room with the organic aesthetics of a modern kitchen.

The centrepiece of the setup will be a large green Christmas tree adorned with velvet ribbons, patina gold accents and wooden ornaments. The room will display a warm, natural aura, perfect for intimate family moments. With minimalistic shapes and a touch of sparkle, this setup captures the essence of modern gatherings.

On the kitchen side, the holiday charm continues with a seamless blend of decor. Carefully wrapped gifts add an inviting touch. The setup’s organic, wooden elements and simple design bring a sense of simplicity and modern appeal.

MINIS: Velvet Noel

Velvet Noel

Location: Mint Room - Library
Sunday November 12 | 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Sunday November 19 | 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm
300 Campbell Ave Unit# 300, Toronto, ON M6P 3V6 - MAP

Finally revealing the Library’s captivating holiday transformation, where rich and dramatic hues will create an enchanting atmosphere of luxury and warmth.

The walls will be elegantly repainted in a deep blueberry tone, setting the stage for the most dramatic setup of the season. At the heart of the main area, a dusty pink velvet couch will reign as the centrepiece, poised against a holiday mantle.

The mantle will be adorned with oversized branches and delicate ornaments in a striking palette of deep blues, regal greens, and luxurious dusty pink and burgundy tones. To the left of the couch, a majestic Christmas tree will await, dressed in the same opulent colour scheme, adding an extra touch of magic to your holiday captures.

The Library Studio will become a treasure trove of holiday splendour, ready to capture your most enchanting moments this season.


MINIS: Festive Parlor

Festive Parlour

Location: Mint Room - Conservatory
Saturday November 18 | 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm
300 Campbell Ave Unit# 300, Toronto, ON M6P 3V6 - MAP

Step into a world of sophistication and style, as the Conservatory will be transformed into a chic living room adorned with opulent decor and an elegant silver metallic colour palette. The Conservatory’s white feature wall will be donning a magical holiday makeover, setting the stage for a grand sophisticated holiday experience like no other.

At the heart of this enchanting setup lies a plush wide velvet reversible modular sofa in a calming off-white hue. Nestled amidst the ethereal glow of two majestic Christmas trees adorned with sparkling crystal ornaments, this centerpiece exudes pure grandeur and invites you to capture timeless moments in style.

A magnificent grande mirror (with a matte screen on it to avoid reflection) will elegantly crown the holiday-inspired mantle, where chic accents and holiday delights come together and add an air of elegance to the festivities. As you immerse yourself in this holiday wonderland, you’ll find enchanting details like modern books, luxury gift bags, and candles, infusing the backdrop with opulence and allure, lending a touch of luxury to every corner. Capture timeless moments in style!

MINIS: Festive Pinks

Festive Pinks

Location: Preto Loft - Solarium
Sunday November 19 | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
213 Sterling Rd Unit 212, Toronto, ON M6R 2B2 - MAP

Festive Pinks is all about funky holiday vibes and trendy colours. With shades of pastel pinks, fuchsia and deeper berry tones it created a depth while still maintaining the same colour palette that is just irresistible!

Positioned on our top level, it’ll be a visual treat adjacent to the pristine white wall. Expect a delightful medley of elements to craft the perfect ambiance: plush velvet couch, artfully wrapped gifts, whimsical ombre ornaments, chic bow ties, and playful patterns! Get ready for this delightful eye candy that promises to add a burst of energy and charm to your holiday moments!

MINIS: Snowy Chic

Snowy Chic

Location: Mint Room - Nest
Friday November 24 | 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm
300 Campbell Ave Unit# 300, Toronto, ON M6P 3V6 - MAP

With an all-white holiday theme that never goes out of style, The Nest is the perfect neutral backdrop for all your holiday wishes, whether it’s a heartwarming family shoot or a captivating branding session.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the cherished bed! It’s moved to the opposite wall, still there for you to enjoy its cozy embrace. And yes, it will be adorned with the holiday spirit, adding even more charm to this cozy 2-in-1 living Room + bedroom holiday haven!

The Nest has always been everyone’s favourite spot for its enchanting cozy ambiance, soft fabrics, and delightful mix of textures. This holiday season, we’re sprinkling some extra magic to make it even more special!


MINIS: North Tale

North Tale

Location: Preto Loft - East Side
Sunday November 26 | 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
213 Sterling Rd Unit 212, Toronto, ON M6R 2B2 - MAP

After the huge success of last year’s “Floating Wish”, we’ve been flooded with messages asking for its return this holiday season.

So, in this year’s iteration of “North Tale,” we’re bringing back some of the elements that stole hearts last year – with a twist.

An oversized hanging installation made of white and silver ornaments will be even more grand and spectacular. But that’s not all – we’re taking it up a notch by adding delicate white snowy branches, creating a truly breathtaking visual experience.

The overall ambiance will be a blend of shimmering silvers and sparkles, enhanced by the presence of clear crystal elements. These additions won’t just enhance the setup; they’ll also transform it into a magical wonderland, providing the most enchanting backdrop for your photos.

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